Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing works to restore vibrancy and health to an individual by chanelling universal energy to their etheric body.

Abstract meditative pictureThe role of the healer is to become an empty channel through which the divine can work, a process that is often aided by the presence of spirit helpers.

Simone is a fully qualified and approved spiritual healer, having undertaken a 3-year training at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB) under the guidance of medium and healer Terry Tasker, Healing Secretary of the SAGB.

An integral part of this training involved working in the SAGB Spiritual Healing clinic on a voluntary basis, where Simone gained invaluable experience and continues to volunteer now as a fully qualified and approved healer.

Spiritual Healing is practised fully-clothed, either standing, sitting or lying. Simone works intuitively, guided in how best to help the patient. As a result the healing is always different, and may be administered either hands-on, hands-off, or using a combination of both.

'What to expect' gives more information on what takes place during a session.

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